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You Win Some, You win Some

Did you know that the Association for Information and Image Managed found most (92%) companies are interested is going paperless? Bet you didn’t know that little tidbit. Okay, I didn’t either until I was preparing for this article. This information is rather interesting and exciting for a pro-paperless blogger such as myself. More people are becoming aware of the numerous benefits that a business experiences when they decide to convert their regular, outdated (if you ask me) business forms to paperless business forms.

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Survey: Consumers WANT you to go paperless

If you thought that going paperless is a decision a company makes without regarding what its consumers really want, then, think again.  A survey by “Inlet” showed that more consumers would like to go paperless. Researchers actually found that more than half of consumers would give up chocolate IF in return, they wouldn't receive paper mail. I repeat. They would give up chocolate. Let that sink in.


Researchers also found that half 'are comfortable' storing personal information/items - including pictures - in the cloud.

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Teenager is On track to plant a billion trees

I feel like on this paperless forms blog, I generally talk about things we need to do like boycotting business forms and substituting them with paperless forms- making greener choices and leading a more ecofriendly life. Today, however, I decided to go along a slightly different route, and instead celebrate those who are getting it RIGHT. Yes. There are those who are blazing the trail for others to follow when it comes to protecting the environment. One of such people, that I shall actually focus this blog post upon, is Felix Finkbeiner.

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The Worlds Greenest Cities


Looking to go on a vacation somewhere with the cleanest and greenest atmosphere? At SignTech we're not only about selling paperess forms but we want our readership to focus mainly on leading a more ecofriendly life, where aplicable, using paperless forms with SignTech and ultimatelyfighting the menace that is global warming. Some countries are doing so well that you cant help but be impressed at their resourcefullness. Hopefully this will inspire you to take that extra step too.


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Would You Trust a Battery Powered Plane?

Sometimes I think about what new inventions we would see in the next 5-10 years. It's more or less like a mind game, just to see where my imagination takes me. We all know how the science world  innovates new technologies all the time, faster than we expect, sometimes. Think, mobile phones 5-8 years ago and now, even the evolution of paper sheet forms to paperless business forms. No matter what it is, the difference is mind blowing.


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