Once you download the app from any Ios, windows or google store you may use it instantly whilst it will take us from 2 till 24 hours to validate your free form.

All you need to do is provide us with a secured URL (https: mydomain.com) which is accessible on the Internet.

All the information entered into a form is sent to a URL of your choice and you can consume the information using any technology that works for you.The service allows to securely request the information from our platform which is perfect if you dot have a publicly accessible internet address or you want to access information from a location hidden behind a firewall.

Other organisations tend to focus on one part of the process.  For example DocuSign focuses on signing of single contracts and documents.  However SignTech Forms provides a full end-to-end solution where you convert your existing standard contract into a paperless solution.  The then complete your contract using the mobile app, which has many other features (such as Draft Forms, offline mode, storage of all completed forms and direct data integration back to your systems or other main CRM systems such as SalesForce.com).  All this is done from as little as £4.99/month whilst the SignTech Apps are free for end users. A much better user experience.

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