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Shanghai Demonstrates the Impact of Pollution with Terrible Levels of Fog

(Article originally posted 7th April 2014)

Working for a pro-eco company like SignTech, I am deeply concerned about the state of our environment and the seemingly inevitable destruction of our ecosystem. That is why I am passionate about promoting the use of paperless solutions in businesses and homes.


Big Business Contributes Heavily to Smog and Pollution Levels in Shanghai (and the Rest of the World)

While individual efforts are important, it is crucial for companies, corporations, and large businesses to make the switch to SignTech’s paperless business solutions. Imagine the impact we could make if all these organizations embraced a more sustainable approach. It’s a vision that gets me excited!


China Contributes to Global Pollution Levels -But it is the West’s Demand for Cheap Manufacturing the Drives the Production

One area of concern is the environmental situation in China. The country has experienced an industrial revolution, but unfortunately, it has come at a great cost. The air pollution in China has reached critical levels, forcing citizens to wear surgical masks in many cities. The levels of fine particulate matter, known as PM 2.5, have exceeded the World Health Organization’s safety limits by forty times.


Shanghai on Lockdown Due to the Smog 

Shanghai has been particularly affected, with authorities taking drastic measures such as ordering schoolchildren indoors, halting construction, and even banning fireworks and public sporting events. Beijing is also no stranger to smog, often surpassing Shanghai in terms of fine particulate matter.

The Chinese government has declared war on pollution and implemented stricter regulations, but the problem persists. The country is facing not only air pollution but also water and soil pollution, which pose serious health risks to its citizens. Efforts are being made to address these issues, with plans to invest over $300 billion in managing water resources and tackling agricultural pollution.

The severity of the situation is evident when smog insurance is being offered to travelers visiting the Far East. It is a clear indication that we are facing a crisis.

At SignTech, we are committed to providing innovative paperless solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. To learn more about our platform and how it can benefit your business, visit or email

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