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Telling people about your cause creates a ripple effect. Sometimes they wont listen but other times you will meet someone who can truly make a difference. Take for instance, people like Kenneth E Hagen, if no one had evangelised to him he wouldn’t have been able to reach the millions of people that he did with the word of God. Ravi Zacharias was reached by a single man in India, a foreigner who thought nothing much of creating a great philosopher, speaker and minister, but just reaching out to a young kid, and yet he is one of the most influential Christians in our world today. I’m not saying that everyone you speak to will turn out to be a major game changer in the world on environmentalists and eco activists but I am saying that it could happen, and it will only happen if you spread the word about the ever changing environment. This doesn’t mean, get up on a soapbox and give everyone you pass an earful of how the world is deteriorating, that will only make you enemies and no one would be inclined to save the planet that way but in conversations, over lunch breaks, dinner with the family, hanging out with your friends, talking about different companies, work, stress, you can easily bring it up mention the advantages of going paperless, how easy, streamlined and seamless it is.

Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose

Mention how you can save money by simple reusing some things, making new items out of old stuff, you don’t even have to stress on the benefits to the planet, you can just throw in the personal advantage, money saving, space saving, increased creativity. Get your friends interested in a carpool if you work in the same place. Join a cycling club with some buddies or cycle alone to work. Make it gradual, make it interesting, your entire life doesn’t have to change, just simple adjust a few things here and there, a little cycling here, taking more public transport, a trip to the recycling bins once a week and you’d be doing more than you realise. Your actions are also a form of advertisement and awareness generation. Spreading awareness, if you’re not a public speaker, can simply mean supporting those who are talking about it to the general masses.

How Can You Help?

Donating money, time, resources to those kind of people, organizations does a lot of good on all sides. This doesn’t mean that you throw money at the problem and just leave it at that, no. If it did I wouldn’t be blogging all the time about SignTech and paperless solutions. You give money but the reason you’re doing so is that the world becomes a better place, and ultimately it means you make changes in your everyday life now so that you can have a better future.


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