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I don’t know if you’ve heard but SignTech has this really awesome new video that actually explains what we do in just a few minutes and also much better than just reading a simple- yet awesome article like this. In the video we talk about the benefits that come with signing up with SignTech and all you can do with the app in just a short while, completely re-vamp your business and go paperless in just a few hours.

Watch Our Explainer on SignTech eSignature Software 

It was made specifically for our Seedr campaign, which if you’d like to know, is going really well, thank you very much. In the video our Founder himself, Leke Babalola, talks about the company and the simple integration process that clients have to go through to use the app. I’ve learnt to put my money where my mouth is by investing in the company, my time, hard work and yes, actual money too. SignTech Forms feels more like a great cause for the better good than just a business that makes paperless solutions for companies.

Go Paperless with Virtual Signing and Digital Signatures Software

Our main competitors focus on putting signatures on an existing soft copy document while SignTech Forms focuses on the end to end process, creating the form, completing it, signing (which is just as legally binding as a pen to paper signature) and integrating the form to all platforms.

SignTech Forms is more than just that video, and that’s what I want to talk about. Yes, we do work with paperless business solutions and yes we do want your business and hope you want ours too but that’s not all SignTech Forms is about. We focus very much on the positive impact our product has on the environment. I stress the word paperless every time because it is common knowledge that paper is made from trees. An average tree trunk can produce about 90,000 sheets of bon-quality paper or 2,700 newspapers. That seems like a lot of paper to go round but when put against the number of small to medium sized companies, in its lifetime a company would use probably 4,000,000 sheets of paper. That’s a small company with 20 employees that has been active for about 10 years or just a bit more. A small company would use 44 trees (that’s roughly an acre if the trees are spaced one foot apart). In today’s world, there are millions of companies, and paper use extends beyond business use, we also need to consider what we use in our homes and schools too. Millions of acres are being lost everyday to unnecessary use to paper and this is something that can be helped.

In our current global state, we cannot afford to loose trees to paper that we don’t actually need, which is why paperless solutions are needed more than ever today, especially in businesses. The environment is in a more unbalanced state than before and right now there are dire consequences to things such as deforestation and excessive water consumption. We need to conserve the use of natural resources as much as we can. That’s one of the things that is most attractive about SignTech Forms, we are not just in business for profit but also for the environment and it is the reason I invest my time and money into the company because I know that they’re investments for the future.



SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration.  For more information visit or email

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