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SignTech Follows the Nigerian Elections

As you know, SignTech forms is a company with a growing global presence, with clients in different parts of the world including Nigeria and once we have even a small presence there we adopt the country as our own, Nigeria’s concerns are our concerns and their problems are something we worry about too. During the Ebola scare we tried to raise awareness about the disease and staying away from it and thank God, Nigeria is currently Ebola free.

Now, usually with this title, it means I’m taking a break from writing about paperless solutions to post about things like sports- especially my favourite- tennis followed by the memorable Academy Awards or even sometimes football.

A New Beginning for Nigeria

Well not today. I’m not going to be talking about paperless solutions or sports or the Academy awards because we at SignTech forms have been blessed enough to see the beginning of an entirely new era in Nigeria.

As you might have heard, Nigeria had her elections on Saturday the 28th of March, six weeks later than scheduled due to concerns about the insurgent group Boko Haram. And the results are scheduled to come out today.

The Importance of the Nigerian Elections

Why is this election so important? So special? It’s simple. There’s never really been a fair fight like this before. I use the word fair very loosely because there are still very real concerns about the elections such as buying votes, and plain old not counting the oppositional party’s votes and the unreasonable pushing back of the election’s pre-scheduled time line.

The APC and PDP Political Parties in Nigeria

General Muhammad Buhari the main candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan the main candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) are the main people we’ve had our eyes on. PDP have been the ruling political party of the country for a very long time and this is the first time any candidate proposed by any party other than PDP has seen any real opposition.

The recent crash of the economy after oil prices dropped took a toll on the currency and the state of affairs in Nigeria and in the wake of this crisis comes an election of change the leader of the country. And because this time no one actually knows who’s going to win tension is running high, people are so hopeful for the first time that they might get a leader that will actually, really truly make a difference. Nigerians are hopeful for change for the first time in a long while, and that is what makes this election so beautiful and memorable.


I should point out that it’s also the first election of Nigeria’s new century since she was amalgamated in 1914.

Today is the scheduled date for the results of the election, mark this day (30th of march 2015). Hopefully nothing will happen that will delay the results and now we wait with bated breath, in Nigeria, in SignTech forms, to see the outcome of the 2015 Presidential elections for Nigeria.

(Image taken from BBC UK)


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