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Getting into the Boxing!

I am not God, neither am I a fortune teller. I do not know the future and I can’t predict what could happen but oh sometimes… you know? Working for SignTech Paperless forms, being an avid blogger for the benefit of the environment and talking about paperless business solutions I’ve not really had the time to get into boxing.

Moving from Boxing Movies to Real Boxing

Despite my love for the boxing movies, the Cinderella Man, Muhammed Ali, Warrior with Tom hardy and Nick Colte I’ve not really had time to invest into watching the actual real life matches on TV or anywhere else and a result I’ve never been a boxing fan.

For many of us this didn’t matter, whether you were a fan or not it was virtually impossible not to get swept up in all the hype of the match and the fighting and the betting, the cheering and no one could escape the news coverage. It was everywhere. CNN, BBC News, FOX, Aljazeera, local TV, internet, twitter, you name it- it was there. I decided to pick my player- would I be supporting Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather? I ended up picking Manny Pacquiao because he just had this honest to God, underdog charm about him. Coming from extreme poverty he fought to feed a family of five children and his mother, starting with earning only $2 and now almost $100 million. Manny seemed like the player that would win with great victory and loose with amazing humility and the guaranteed $80 million pay-out didn’t hurt.

Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather?

The night of the match came and boy was I excited, I whose only concern till now were paperless solutions and how to invest my time in making that happen was super excited to watch a boxing match, I got caught up in the hype. They were prepped and ready and the bell rang- from there everything is history. I am not going to give you a play by play about what happened but I will say this. It wasn’t really a fair fight. Manny had an injury a month before the fight- it was getting better and better; he was approved two inflammatory shots weeks before the fight and yet right before the fight he was denied another shot that could have helped him greatly. The second reason I called the fight unfair is simple, Floyd Mayweather picked everything to do with the fight! The location, the date, the time- I bet if he could have picked the weather he would have done that too. Does that sound fair to you? Already before the fight even started he had the upper hand. Anyone who actually watched the match would know that his techniques were cowardly and evasive. He stuck behind a jab and duck practically the entire match and many people had something to say about that including Mike Tyson who called Mayweather a small cowardly man and even Pacquiao himself who said “he thought he won” and honestly, so did I.


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