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The Paper You Use is Contributing to Climate Change -This is a Big Problem

Did you know that sixty three billion three hundred and ninety five million (63,395,000,000) sheets of paper are used every day- that much paper is equivalent to well over eight hundred thousand pine trees it weighs about 800 million pounds and the cost is over $4billion. People, those are enough trees to build 25 thousand houses. Every. Single. Day.

Go Digital, Go Paperless

I find this odd because one would think that in this digital age, which we live in, the numbers would be much less but on the contrary use of paper has drastically increased over the past two decades. This might have something to do with the population also increasing by billions over the last few decades.

So despite all the note-taking apps document signing software with pdf books and digital storage of files and photographs we still use over fifty billion sheets of paper every single day.

Going Paperless with Software

So software doesn’t solve everything. If I make the invention that will fix humanity and all that was required was for people to use it; if people don’t use it then we’re still back at the beginning with the very same problem and its even worse than having a solution because now there is one but people cant accept it.

It is exactly the same way with SignTech. We can blog, go to conferences, attend sales pitch meetings and preach paperless solutions all we want but in the end the decisions lies with you to change your method of doing things because you care for our planet. You want the earth and humanity on it to have a clear-skied green future. In the end we have done nothing unless you decide to do something about what we bring to the table. Software isn’t everything. We’ve created an app that could literally stop the printing of every single form in the world but right now forms are still being printed. Why? The answer is simply because the company has to choose to use our paperless solution. The company- every company- any company has to want to digitize their forms, store them on our servers and they have to want SignTech or else SignTech paperless solutions is useless.

Paperless Software Solutions for Climate Change

So like I said. Software doesn’t solve everything, because we’re only half the solution. You are the answer to all the problems that the eco system is facing just as much as you are the problem that the eco system is facing.

Here are two options that you have before you. You can be the problem; you can leave the taps running and lights on because in your mind a world with no resources is coming long after you’re dead and gone. You can joy ride in that car of yours filling the air with carbon emissions, you could print three copies of very document from today till tomorrow and leave the largest carbon foot print anyone has ever seen… or you could be the solution: you could have paperless solutions implemented at work, conserve electricity and water, use things wisely and try your best to recycle as much as you can. You could be the solution. So be the solution.


SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on mobile devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration).  For more information visit or email

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