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The Benefits of SnapChat for Your Business and Climate Change

As far as humanity has been in existence we have shared the universal need to be, and we still do. We as people want to be seen, heard, valued even just a little by just a few people. We strive for this purpose, going to work, having relationships, taking care of kids and being with family, all because we want to be. Seen, heard, purposeful.

But my article is titled “Why you should be snap-chatting” so what has snapchatting got to do with being and having purpose? On the surface not that much really, but its much more than you think.

Using SnapChat to Promote Eco-Friendly Living

During my course of work with paperless business solutions, I have learned app-speak very well. I’ve heard the saying, “the world is a global community” so many times and in some sense, yes I understood what it meant but it wasn’t until I recently started using the app that I fully grasped the concept. I know that I am a very smart person. Extremely intelligent, and witty, my knowledge knows no bounds (I use paperless business solutions to save the world so it kind of goes without saying) so why did it take such a simple app like Snap-Chat to help me understand a saying?

Video Apps are Helping to Raise Awareness About Climate Change

The answer is simple; it put a whole new meaning to sharing. Yes we have video apps like Skype and sites like YouTube that connects us with other people all around the world but snapchat is the only app that we can use to share our experiences with the whole world. Sounds a bit like YouTube doesn’t it? But trust me, its not the same thing. YouTube is used to share videos with the world but here’s the difference, not everyone gets to see what you’ve shared, and its no so accessible to everyone. snapchat not only shares videos and pictures with our friends but now they have this awesome cool new feature where you share those videos and pictures with the whole world. Just last week, within minutes I watched an entire Holi festival happen through the lenses of hundreds of different people, I saw how they see it and for a moment I could understand how they see life. During the lantern festival in Taiwan I could see so much of what was happening and that’s one thing that is unique about snapchat, no matter how popular you are or unpopular for that matter, it not important because everyone gets to see and be seen. This is why you should be snapchatting.

I was able to see what the streets of India were really like, how the Taiwanese night sky looked lit up with lanterns gently floating upwards, and their food- I stood in a long line for rice balls on the day of the lantern festival, side stepped the coloured streets in the aftermath of the Holi festival. I trudged through the snow in New York and saw the crazy things people did to celebrate the highly anticipated day of the week- Friday. Simply by putting the sharing power in the hands of regular people snapchat me get clarification on some of the strange ideas that media has put in our ideas about different cultures and different countries This is not just an app for selfies (although I’ll admit once in a while I do indulge in the taking of one) but one for being, just being there and present. Nothing fancy or fake, simply you and your camera connecting with people too on the other side of the world who are doing the exact same thing. Snap-chatting.



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