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Do Good to the Environment

SignTech is a special company, and not because we sell you business forms or paperless solutions but because we do more than push out a few services. At SignTech we make sure that whatever we do, does good to the environment. When it comes to paper, I believe that the world is more than a few steps behind. A bunch of smart people got together and they predicted that due to the many advancements in technology the demand for paper would reduce. Boy were they wrong. Not only did the demand for paper not reduce, but it is expected to double by the year 2030.

SignTech was made as a solution to this problem. Companies going green have the potential to create a huge (positive) impact on our planet. By creating business forms that people can sign on the go, anywhere we reduce the demand for paper by a significant amount.

Before you dismiss this by thinking of it as just “another cost”, I will remind you that saving the planet in a tangible way isn’t expensive. Cue the Tree Council. For a while I’ve been looking for great tree panting programs to get involved in, and I honestly think that in the UK, they’re the best I’ve found so far. The tree council have been doing good work all over the UK, panting trees and thus reducing carbon emissions, but of course these things take money. As a business owner or just a regular individual with a concern for the environment the tree council has made it so easy and extremely affordable to make a change. For as little as three pounds a month you would be helping them in planting numerous trees all over the UK. The process is simple. You visit their webpage, and you make your donation. That’s it.

You can go as high as you want, or if you don’t like the sound of monthly payments then a one-time donation is also much appreciated.

According to them, here’s what your donation does:


  • £4 could buy 600 birch seeds for our Tree Wardens to plant
  • £5 could plant a metre of fruiting hedgerow, for the local community and wildlife
  • £10 could buy a children’s toolkit, to get them outside and involved
  • £15 could plant and care for a tree until it’s big enough to survive on its own
  • £50 could buy 3 spades for tree wardens to use planting trees in their community
  • £100 could buy 900 litres of mulch for newly planted trees and hedgerows


Of course, we like to lead by example, so here at SignTech we are also going to become a friend. Not bad for a company that sells business forms eh?


SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on mobile devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration).  For more information visit or email

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