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Julie’s Story and Plans to Help Others in India

Hi, my name is Julie, I’ll be 23 in a few weeks and I’m just starting a career in environment protection and sustainable development. I’m currently finishing a 3 months volunteering mission in the north of Peru, working with local kids to increase their knowledge of environmental issues and how to tackle them from an individual perspective, mostly through recycling and reusing. 

The Mission That Julie Will Undertake

My next mission will start in January 2016 for 6 months, in India, and it is about linking women empowerment to sustainable agriculture by training the women to do different tasks such as farming, preparing the production and selling it in order to give them more social and economical importance in their communities. With my degree in waste and resource management, I plan to focus mainly on the farming part although thanks to personal experience I will be able to help on the cooking and marketing aspects.

However exciting this mission is for me, one problem comes out of it: as many humanitarian missions, it is based on volunteering and thus requires funding. Although most of the expenses are covered by the British NGO sending me to India, I still have to raise £400, which I cannot afford after paying for my mission in Peru.

Julie’s GoFundMe Campaign 

As a result of this, I am imploring anyone who has a passion for the social and environmental growth of developing countries; if you have a few pounds, euros or any currency, to please donate towards this so that I can make this mission happen in the next few weeks.

No donation is too small; they all help me towards my objectives! Sharing the project is also a very good way for me to get more people involved!

Details about my experience and the project are available on my Go Fund Me project page, on which you can also donate: .


Thank you for your support,



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