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Let’s Talk About the iPhone

So yes, you may be thinking, she writes a paperless blog about paperless technology and how companies can go paperless- and I do! However, today- I’m talking about the iPhone.

Now this is not a stab at apple or their company but as an apple product consumer I feel that it is my duty and role to have an unbiased approached to product reviews.

I crossed over to apple’s OS five years ago when I got my first MacBook pro. Honestly it was and still continues to be a beautiful experience. The system looked smooth, clean; aesthetically pleasing to the eye and performance wise I wanted for nothing. The MacBook is an excellent product but my iPhone… not so much.

Now this is not just me ranting about why I don’t like something. There are four reasons that I would not recommend the iPhone to many people. Yes it does have its advantages such as an undeniably great camera and the speed hardly ever disappoints yet I feel that those may be the only good things about the phone.

Reasons for Recommending the iPhone

Reason 1:

There is no individuality with this product. The ‘i’ is completely missing. I say this because you can’t change your ringtone without taking tedious steps or downloading apps. You cannot add files to your phone without iTunes; it’s virtually impossible to exchange anything such as music and videos with other non-apple phones. iPhones feel very much like a closed dictatorship.


Reason 2:

For such a huge price the phone delivers very little. With the iPhone, apple makes the old feel like the new. Features that were already present in android phones always seem to be “coming to iPhone”. While android has “been there done that” apple just seem to be starting their journey.


Reason 3:

The regional restrictions on the app store have one of the most annoying arrangements I have personally had to deal with. For starters you can only download from your country’s store. To download foreign apps I have had to go through the tedious process of changing my country and address details every single time.


Reason 4:

And last but not least this is purely personal opinion so feel free to disagree but to me, every iOS feels like the last one before it with the tiniest of UI changes. For me there is no significant improvement between iOS 9 and iOS 8.3 so I’m sorry to say this apple but you did not pull it off with the most recent iPhone OS.


In summary, despite the iPhone being a pretty decent piece of technology, there is certainly a lot of room for improvement. for the price I feel that I should have more to show for it. There I said it.


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