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Earth’s Seas are Heating up 13% Faster than We First Thought

I have good news and bad news.

I’m going to start off with the good news. We’re getting better at measuring the changing temperature of the ocean. Okay, maybe, it’s not as exciting a news as, say, the food you ordered an hour ago just arrived, but, it’s good news, nevertheless.

It means scientists will be able to better measure the rate at which sea temperatures are rising which would help in the overall process of understanding the effects of global warming. So hey, it is good news.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that the data shows that they are warming more rapidly than researchers thought. The world’s oceans are warming a whopping 13 per cent faster than scientists previously thought, a study has warned.

The research, published in the journal “Science Advances”, also found the rate of ocean warming had changed significantly over the last 60 years.

The warming rate from 1992 was found to be almost twice as great as the warming rate from 1960.

“In other words, the planet is warming quite a lot more than we thought,” Keven Trenberth, a co-author of the study, said.

Scientists are concerned by such an increase, because 90 per cent of the extra heat absorbed by greenhouse gasses ends up in the sea bodies, meaning oceanic temperatures  is considered one of the most important measurements of global warming.


“We know the oceans are much warmer now and they contain the memory of climate change. Higher sea surface temperatures are continually reinforced by the extra heat beneath the ocean surface,” the team wrote in a press release.

“The oceans are affecting weather and climate through more intense rains. This process is a major reason why 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded at the Earth’s surface, beating out 2015 which was the previous record.


“Additionally 2015 was a year with record hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, and wild-fires around the world.”


So yeah, that is the bad news.

Eco activist-bloggers, such as myself, cannot stop writing about these things, because there is still a high level of climate change denial. Moreover, a huge number of the people that do believe in global warming do absolutely nothing about it. Therefore, I have no choice but to persist, persevere and ‘paperlessly’ write about the things I learn, read- the evidence- so to speak, about climate change. Everyone needs to believe it is real and is happening, and not some mythological idea. 

That is why our company Signtech tirelessly plays its role in spreading this truth. And, that is why we encourage paperless offices, and a paperless lifestyle in order to reduce our carbon footprint, and ultimately contribute towards saving the only planet we have to live in(at least, for now). It is a never ending job. Yet, we choose to do it… in fact, it is the only choice we see.


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