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It is a Booming Football Season Worldwide

For football lovers, it has been a really special season. For one, the UEFA Champions leagues has been ongoing, all over the world, and it is a booming football season worldwide. It’s a really exciting time for millions of people all around the world. However, I’m not one of these people. When it comes to football, I’m not really much of a fan, in fact, honestly, I pay it no mind. But, there’s a sheer beauty to the game that even I, a non-football lover, cannot help but see. It’s a game that unifies, brings together, and impassions.

Football can go Paperless

Millions of people buy tickets to go watch and support their favorite teams and players, and that is great. However, you can call me a “tree hugger”, but being the “paperless advocate” that I am, I cannot help but wonder how much paper is being wasted. Wait.. Hold on. Let me finish. I’m not trying to say football fans waste their time buying tickets to go for these games. But, what I am trying to say is that there’s an unnecessary amount of paper being used for football matches, when everything can be done online on paperless forms or via mobile. In essence, Football can go paperless. We are in 2017, and globally, the world has evolved to become more tech savvy; and, it is only moving even more towards that direction. So, football matches going paperless shouldn’t seem like an unreasonable task any longer.

Trees play a crucial role supporting life across the globe, producing oxygen and absorbing climate change-causing carbon dioxide. But, despite the plant’s importance, humans pay little to no attention to the number of trees in the world.

Now, new research published in the journal Nature suggests the world is home to more than 3 trillion trees. Humans throughout history have played a key role in determining the number of living trees, researchers note. People cut down a whopping 15 billion trees each year and the global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization. 46%!

Football Can Become More Eco-Friendly

And, of course, I’m not claiming football is the major cause of climate change. That would be ridiculous. Nonetheless, I’m saying that if football actually became paperless, that is a huge leap towards the world realizing and gaining awareness about the importance of going paperless.

Our company Signtech is playing its part in this ‘paperless revolution’ by making it easy for offices to go paperless. But, we can only do so much. I read online that Orlando City, a football club in the USA recently went completely paperless, and I highly commend them for that! So you see, it IS possible. All that is needed is the willingness to make it possible.

There is a line to the UEFA champion’s league chant that I often hear on the TV that I love. It goes, “We are the CHAMPIOOOONSSS”. If leagues like UEFA make the move towards going paperless, for the sake of this planet that we live in, then, and only then, would I agree to that statement. Then, they will truly be my champions.


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