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Helping Your Kids to Be More Eco-Friendly

So here’s a likely scenario. You’re a person, a business owner, and you have made painstaking efforts to make your business eco-friendly so you can both save the planet and save some money, you’ve implemented all sorts of innovative solutions for your business like SignTech paperless forms and everything is going well for you.

Here’s another scenario. You’re also a parent, and although you are very eco-conscious, your kids are not. They leave glass in paper recycle bins, they don’t understand why they can’t leave the tap running while brushing their teeth. They just don’t get why you’re so worried about these unimportant things.

Children are the future, and they need to be taught from an early age to be more eco-conscious in their choices so that they can grow up with good practices and teach their children too.

Top Tips for Helping Your Kids to Fight Climate Change

Reward them bi-weekly for their efforts:

What do kids love more than presents? Nothing. If you teach them to turn off the lights that aren’t being used, and see them making an effort to listen, they might not be perfect but by showing them that you’ve been watching them and you appreciate their efforts by giving them that toy they wanted or maybe a bit more allowance that week, it’ll keep them motivated and before they know it =, you’ve helped them form a good habit or two.


Turn it into a game:

Competition can be healthy if done right. If you have more than one child, it could be a great bonding experience for them. An example of a game, would be to tell them whoever sorts out the most plastics, paper and glass for the recycling bin gets a treat to any fast food they want or a little bit of money to buy something small.


Teach them outright what would happen if we don’t:

Not everything is roses and sunshine. Our planet is deteriorating and things aren’t getting much better. For our kids to live in a world where they can be carefree, they need to be careful with their decisions. You don’t have to scare them, but by telling them what the future might look like if they don’t make good decisions you could make them a little but more conscious about their decisions.


Teach them how to make eco-friendly decisions outside the home:

In the home we’re in a sort of bubble where everything is great but teaching the kids how to shop, what labels to look out for, like organic, eco-friendly, fair trade. Teaching them what labels are good for their bodies and the environment even if you don’t think they’re listening could go a long way.


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