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NASA Is Trying To Save The Planet From Asteroids

We at SignTech paperless forms are always focused on saving the planet but there’s nothing we can save if we don’t have a planet left to protect.

NASA is launching their very first planetary defense mission to protect the earth from a potentially disastrous Asteroid strike. According to a press release, this planetary defense mission has moved into the final design and assembly phase following NASA’s approval on the 16th of August.

It is aptly acronymed DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test). What is DART? In simple terms, NASA is building a spaceship, which is set to launch in December 2020, it will impact a small asteroid called “Didymoon” and the hope is that this will deflect the impending threat. Before you start panicking and packing your bags to mars, remember that NASA has written expensively about this and in a statement made by Nancy Chabot, project scientist for the DART mission stated “It’s not the final solution by any means, but it’s the first step for how we’d address potential asteroid hazards and how we would mitigate.”

DART will launch sometime between December 2020 and May 2021

According to Gizmodo “DART will launch sometime between December 2020 and May 2021. It will rely on a NASA Evolutionary Xenon Thruster – Commercial (NEXT-C), a lighter-weight solar electric thruster, to spiral out of Earth’s orbit and onward to Didymos. It will arrive at the system in October 2022. Cameras and navigation software will direct the spacecraft into the smaller rock. The collision will hopefully change the asteroid’s velocity by a teeny bit, but enough that scientists would detect the change with Earth-based telescopes.

Don’t worry about Didymoon changing course to hit Earth or anything like that. Currently, it orbits Didymos once every twelve hours. The DART scientists expect that their mission, if successful, will decrease that orbital time by eight minutes.”


So why is this important? Although NASA pretty much has the space front covered, we have to also remember to protect the earth and much like NASA, SignTech Forms is determined to save the world from imminent threat of pollution and climate change using our paperless business forms software as the starting point for all businesses to go paperless, reduce and eventually eliminate paper usage. We know that making businesses go paperless is a huge step in the right direction if we are determined to protect planet earth. If you don’t have an office or if your office is always using paperless business forms amongst other software there are ways you can do your part at home or when you’re going out by following the big three rules of sustainability.

Reduce. Reuse and RECYLE. This is all you need to start protecting out planet.



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