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Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 was an amazing year for SignTech; from continuing to develop paperless solutions for companies like Santander to making new partnerships with Hansal International.

We are now the number one organic search result for paperless business forms, we played a key role in the Milton Keynes art festival from using our paperless forms to signup for the festival to being an official sponsor of the event. We worked with one of the biggest banks in the UK; Santander and we received a personal commendation from Ana Patricia Botin the Executive Chairman of the Santander Group. There have been a lot of accomplishments but now it is time to say goodbye to the past and look towards the future. As time passes and technology moves ever forward a lot of people are beginning to realise there is no room for paper anymore especially in offices. It is not sustainable in any sense, whether you look at it from a perspective of convenience, cost or environmental preservation

Go Paperless in 2018

People are beginning to realise this and many are turning to paperless solutions, from putting lines at the bottom of emails urging you to to print unless necessary to sending PDFs via e-mail rather than forms in person but this year we need to step up our game because we’re not doing enough.

2018 for SignTech is going to be a great one, we’re pushing for a paperless future in all parts of the UK and Europe, from small offices to big conglomerates, another exciting thing to look forward to is the expansion of our presence in west Africa, starting from Nigeria. Our aim is to bring paperless business solutions to thousands of locally owned businesses in Nigeria and get the people excited about saving money and the environment and most importantly we want you to get involved with our business by implementing paperless solutions in your every days lives and businesses.

So this year what are your goals and plans that you’re going to accomplish? Let us know.


SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on mobile devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration).  For more information visit or email

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