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Make New Years’ Resolutions that You Can Keep!

It is 2019 and SignTech paperless forms is happy about the new year! This is the time to plan new beginnings and with no doubt you have a list of resolutions scribbled down in a book somewhere or on a post-it or maybe just in your head. We also have our resolutions but whats more important than making them is keeping them.

We have put together a few tips for keeping your new year’s resolutions


Make specific goals:

Wanting to change your whole life is the usually the reason that people make resolutions in the first place. Motivated by the feeling of a new year and hope for a fresh start, people tend to make broad spectrum goals that are great on paper but not practical in the real world. “This year I am going to explore more”. Instead of a general statement like that you could write something like “this year I am going to visit Spain for a weekend”. That is a specific goal and it helps you figure out practical steps to achieve it.


Make measurable goals:

How do you measure achievement or success? A typical goal would be “learn how to speak a new language” but the way you can measure how much progress you’re making is by taking a language certification test to see what level you’re at. Maybe in January you were reading writing and speaking at A1 level and by the end of march you aim to be a B2 speaker. That is a measureable goal. It helps to see the actual progress you’re making so as to not get demotivated down the line.


Make your goals actionable:

Your goals should be something that you can say “I did..” or “I am going to do…”. For example, you’re writing down in your journal “I will conquer my fears this year” but how would you do this? If you have a fear of heights you would write down “I am going to conquer my fear of heights by taking five scary high rides in amusement parks.” This way you are actually going to perform an action to accomplish your goal.


Make your goals time sensitive:

Having yearly goals are great but having one that can be accomplished in the short term is a great way to keep things moving and keep your motivation up. A way to do this is to make 4 goals for the year and focus on one that can be accomplished each quarter. An example would be “read three books in 90 days”. This way you don’t have a ridiculous time limit placed on you but its not just a general “read more nooks


Have an accountability partner:

You’ve heard the phrase “No man is an island” many time before I’m sure. It’s a popular saying for good reason. Trying to accomplish everything on your own is much harder than having help and almost a sure recipe for failure. Telling someone what you’re trying to do and having them hold you accountable is a way to make sure you don’t slack off at any point in time.

With these tips we hope you have a productive and successful 2019! Happy New Year!


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