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Why Do We Still Use Paper When Technology Has Moved On?

Technology has affected the scope of numerous industries worldwide. More and more things are becoming mechanized and digitalized, and you’d be hard pressed to find many places in the world where technology hasn’t taken centre place. Manual processes are being replaced by more efficient digitized processes. However, it seems like this wave hasn’t really swept over the paper industry. Business and offices worldwide still favor the slower, more erratic and cumbersome use of paper in its operations. In fact, statistics show that worldwide consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the last 40 years with 35% of harvested trees being used for paper manufacture.

Going Paperless Reduces Waste and Reduces Harmful Toxins in the Environment 

I would love to say that I know why most people have chosen smart phones and yet, have not chosen smarter paper (that being paperless business forms and paperless forms). I would love to say that I understand people’s fixation on paper, and why the paper industry is still the fifth largest consumer of energy, when there are now more alternatives to paper, especially in progressive countries. I would love to say I knew, so that I can share this wealth of knowledge with you. But, I have no clue. I can’t tell you why businesses will rather sort through piles and piles of paper in their operations, rather than opt for ease and convenience and use online paperless platforms such as Signtech.

Forests are Destroyed For Paper That will End Up In Landfills

An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year due to the production of Paper, equaling a loss of 20 football fields every minute. And this loss of forests contributes to between 12 and 17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the paper industry is one of the most unsustainable industries and it literally causes depletions in our ozone layers and effectively, causes global warming. YET, this industry stills booms and thrives, as though it were not a massive threat to our environment.

Fortunately, in the last few years, more and more people are seeing the infinite advantages of being paperless, and some people are jumping on this positive ‘band wagon’. Although, I do realize it would be quite implausible for all of humankind to be paperless in all spheres of life, at least for now. However, it is very possible in our offices, and also the number of paper consumed in other sectors of life also can reduce drastically. Consequently, if this happens, the planet would have A LOT to thank us for.


SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on mobile devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration).  For more information visitwww.signtechforms.comor

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