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Second Crash in Just 6 Months

Numerous airlines have suspended the use of Boeing’s new 737 MAX 8 aircraft over safety concerns following its second crash minutes into a flight in just 6 months.

Ethopian airlines flight ET302 shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa reported technical problems and asked for permission to turn back. It crashed shortly afterwards killing everyone on board.

Ethiopian Airlines announced that it had grounded its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes as a safety precaution, following this announcement the Civil Administration of China on Monday also announced that all domestic Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes be grounded by 6p.m local time. Indonesia has also announced it will halt all flights after the Ethiopian Airlines crash. Although the investigation is still underway, it is said that Boeing faces its biggest emergency yet with the plummet of stock and the in-operation of one of their best-selling airplanes which make up a third of the company’s profit. With china alone accounting for 20% of the 737 Max deliveries worldwide Boeing is facing a huge crisis.

Ethiopian Airlines had five of the planes operating with orders for an additional 25. The disaster in Ethiopia

“A preliminary report into that flight indicated that pilots struggled to maintain control following an equipment malfunction. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is working with Boeing on a possible software change to reduce the chances that such a failure could cause an accident in the future.

“Boeing responded to the earlier crash by advising pilots that the Max’s so-called angle-of-attack sensor can provide false readings, causing the plane’s computers to erroneously detect a mid-flight stall in airflow. That in turn can cause the aircraft to abruptly dive to regain the speed the computer has calculated it needs to keep flying. Pilots could counteract the sudden downward tilt by following a checklist in their training manual, the planemaker said.”

“Boeing has dispatched a technical team to assist the investigation into the Ethiopian Airlines plane, which was delivered new in November to Africa’s biggest carrier, while the FAA, which originally certified the 737 Max and U.S. National Transportation Safety Board have also joined the probe.”



Ethiopia’s parliament declared Monday a day of mourning, and we extend our condolences to the people lost and the families mourning the loss of their loved ones.


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