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Start Your Day With These Eco-Friendly Tips

In the lives of the working individual with a 9-5 no matter what kind of job that is, there is one thing that remains true consistent- your morning routine. From the moment you wakeup, shower, get ready for work, have breakfast (if you’re the type to eat in the mornings) drink your morning coffee, drive to work, hail a cab, call an Uber, take a bus/train to work and you get started on your day. You make decisions that affect the planet either positively or negatively. So how do we take this typical morning routine and make it slightly more eco-conscious?


Your morning shower and the issue of water conservation:

Turn off the tap when not actively using it to brush your teeth This leads to water wastage. When you’re showering many of us are not in the habit of turning off the tap when we’re not rinsing off our bodies. You can take showers instead of baths, for instance, that alone takes 25% less water. Also, take shorter showers.


Your breakfast and the concerns surrounding food waste and plastic:

If you’re the type to have breakfast on the go, avoid buying things that come in plastics. Try to only order food that you’ll finish. Try to avoid plastic packaging as much as you can. An estimated 1.5 million tons of plastic waste from the water bottling industry alone was reported by the World Wide Fund for Nature reported. Opt for cardboard or paper packaging as they are much easier to recycle.


Your mode of transportation and the matter of air pollution:

Not everyone can drive electric cars or hybrids, but everyone can be a do bit more to help the environment.

Carpooling to work with a colleague that lives close by, is one way of preventing the release of unnecessary co2 emissions into the atmosphere. Alternatives to driving yourself to work include public transport, cycling and walking.


There are many more ways we could pick apart the daily routine of the average individual to figure out how we could make changes that would be beneficial to the sustainability of the planet, such as recycling, going paperless but starting off small and consistent with your morning is a great way to contribute to making the planet sustainable.


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