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What are eSignature or Electronic Signatures?

I have had many companies ask me about electronic signature (sometimes referred to as eSignature) verification features when it comes to completing and singing forms on smartphones, tablets and PCs.  

Companies such as DocuSign provide an electronic signature certification feature.  However there is a flaw in that certification service.  

All it means is that they certify the signature on a particular form signed by a user is the same as the initial signature they entered or uploaded when they set up their account.

However, there is a flaw in that.  

This means that Mickey Mouse’s signature can be certified if a person initially signed as him and created an account with his name.


Signature Identification and Verification is an Extra Layer of Verification 

A more secure solution is effectively a Signature Identification and Verification feature where companies that request signed documents can check against an official and original document to confirm the person signing is in fact who they claim to be.

This is where SignTech Paperless Solutions are one step ahead and maintain their lead through technological and process innovation.

Where required, each form completed has the option of including a copy of the user’s Identification and Verification information, which is sent along with the form so that it can be checked if required.  

This can include a passport, driving license or any other official document needed.

So for example if you have a bank account application form to be completed, each applicant can complete the form as normal but at the end of the form completion process, after signing their signature, they will be asked to upload some proof of identity, which the bank can use for Identification and Verification purposes as well as to verify the signature against an official document.

If this is something that you require, feel free to contact us for more information or for advice on your specific projects and business processes. 

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