Apps that can help you go Paperless

When I talk about going paperless, I usually focus on companies and small businesses. Applications like sign tech were made for the businessman, or woman. But what about the stay at home mums, or dads, and the high school students? Luckily there are simple small solutions for going paperless as an individual.

What Happens to the Paper We Recycle?

This is a question that no doubt, not many people think to ask themselves. What’s the point of recycling old paper if we just get new ones every single day? What’s the importance of putting the right recyclable materials in the right bins? Working with paperless solutions makes you acutely aware of these things that few stop to think about. Why is going paper-free so important? Why is recycling?

This is what happens to the paper that we put in the recycling bins.

The Art of Reusing

With all my talk about going paperless, and recycling to save the environment, I haven’t really told you lovely people of the earth what to do with all that paper you don’t need anymore. Yes, yes of course you recycle, and of course you can re write on it, use the free space for something, but what about using it for something that would replace the use of something else?

The Winners

Hello Tennis fans! It’s the paper-less advocate again here.

What’s the Big Idea?

For those who don’t know, Elance hosted a competition, where start-up companies submit their ideas on what their start-up companies would do with $2,500 in Elance credits.

It started off with over 800 companies worldwide. And now its down to forty semi-finalists, in about seven different locations. Take a not-so-wild-guess and tell me what company is part of the forty? The one and only SignTech paperless solutions company!