Pecan Power

Okay, so I have this weird hobby, where I find (more like “rummage for”) a superfood that has numerous health benefits, hunt for it at the grocery store, and start eating it. All this I do in the quest of adding better foods to my diet, to balance out the not-so-good ones (darn you, white bread).

What Global Warming is Doing to Your Body

You most likely have heard that global warming is leading to rising sea levels, dwindling food supplies, and an unpredictable weather. However, if that doesn’t make you budge or care, maybe this will: It could actually be making you sick.

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How You Change the Environment When You Go Paperless

Okay so let’s say you decide to make your office paperless because you know what you will gain from doing so. But then, you wonder, “what will the environment actually gain?”  Am I actually making a difference, you ponder. In this article, I will briefly explain how making your office paperless is actually going to impact the environment.

5 Real Benefits of A Paperless Office

Okay, so I have talked an awful lot about going paperless, and why you should and can with SignTech paperless solutions, and frankly. As long as paper is still being wasted in the millions in the office space, and millions of trees (that we can’t survive without by the way) are being cut down to manufacture this product, there would always be a need to talk about this. That is why, today, I am going to tell you again why your business will actually benefit more from being paperless. It’s not just about us, it’s about you.

Polluted environments kill 1.7 million children anually – WHO

One of the reasons why I like writing on this paperless blog is because I get to talk about the real issues that we face in our world. I am not an activist, or a life saver, or a teacher; all admirable people. However, on this blog, even if it’s for a moment, I somewhat become these three people, all at once.