Happy New Year!

Oh my! Coming into 2015 was amazing… personally I did nothing special or monumental, spent valuable time with my friends, called my family because for me that’s what’s important and there is nothing better than coming into a new era with the people that matter the most to you, throw in some video games and good food you have the best new year ever. I watched on TV as Dubai celebrated it was the most impressive display of lights and fireworks I’d ever seen. Not even the 2012 Olympics were that grand, and that’s saying something because they were amazing!

What Should Your Resolutions be?

A blank piece of paper stares you in the face asking- how will your life change this year- Possibly forever.

You probably wrote something along the lines of, work out, eat healthier, learn a new language, take up an awesome hobby, get a girlfriend/boyfriend, even get married, be a nicer person, and these are all great things to have on your list but I’m here to tell you that your list is missing something: a vital goal that isn’t really for you but for mother earth. These are eco-friendly goals you should incorporate into your plans for change this New Year.

Where are My New Years Resolutions?

There is a time of the year for about 24 hours where everyone in the world has insane amounts of conviction and motivation. Between December 31st and January 1st change, although it only lasts for a short while, happens worldwide. New year is inspiring.

Looking Back. And then Forward

It’s been an eventful year for all of us. We at the paperless company have had many wins and losses this year, accomplished a lot and we’re still aspiring to some goals.

SignTech is a fairly new company; we’ve only been live for a few years and so we’re still growing. We will never stop growing but in this early stage we have a lot of growing to do, financially, size-wise, human resources, you name it.

The Christmas Police

Christmas is the season we remember the birth of Christ our Lord and Saviour and it’s the season of giving, thanksgiving, presents, eggnog (I never really understood the fascination with eggnog as its not bud-pleasing), hot chocolate and St Nicholas (Santa Claus).