a little boy hugging a tree

Tree Hugger


Billions of trees are cut down every year to satisfy man’s inordinate and excessive demand for paper. And a lot of this paper ends up idly in massive heaps and piles all around our offices and homes.

Rusted Pride

  1. More than 100 eco-friendly Olympic medals won at the Rio Games last year have been sent back because they are rusting and decaying. The medals were hailed as a masterpiece of sustainability because they used recycled materials in place of traditional precious metals. However, less than 12 months after they were handed out, a substantial number of the prizes are already the worse for wear.


Why Paper?


a lady bug in her natural habitat

Reconnect with Nature

June 5th happened to be World Environment Day. So to commemorate it, I did what I do best: Research.


Metablism Improving Foods

Although this blog is a Signtech blog that promotes paperless forms and solutions,  paperless business forms, going paperless and all that good stuff, we want you to be the healthiest you. So every now and then, it’s important to us to share some form of useful health information. And, that’s what this post will be about.

There are thousands of articles about diets and fads and pills on the internet that people swear would burn your calories without any manual effort on your side. However, most of them are FAR from the truth.


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