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4 Ways going Paperless Affects the Efficiency of your Business

There are many benefits of adopting the practice of being a paperless office or business or even in just your personal life. Over the years that we’ve been in business, we have helped numerous companies go paperless in one aspect or another but there are a few positive changes that remain constant with every company as they notice improvements



Declutters the workspace and your mind

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The Eco-Friendly Search Engine

If you’ve ever read any of our blogs you know that we’re all about saving the planet, that is one of the reasons we started our business of paperless forms. We know that you all have busy lives and some can’t be as dedicated as others but what we can all do is make an effort whenever we see the opportunity to because in this fight to save the planet every little action, ever little decision we make counts.


Boeing 737 Max 8 Grounded

Numerous airlines have suspended the use of Boeing’s new 737 MAX 8 aircraft over safety concerns following its second crash minutes into a flight in just 6 months.


The Rise of Super-Mice

SignTech paperless forms is a company that prides itself in being at the forefront of technology for businesses, a consequence of this is that were always intrigued when new ground in broken in any industry that pushes the boundaries of what is possible especially in the Tech industry.

One of our most fascinating discoveries this week most certainly has to be the work of a multidisciplinary group of scientists led by Xue and Jin Bao. An extract from the summary of their project states:

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SignTech’s Product Launch

On Thursday 28th of February SignTech paperless solutions took a big step towards establishing ourselves in the Ghanaian market. As we mentioned before, Ghana is at a crucial point especially in the business and technology industry where they are expanding and innovating at a very high rate.


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