Ways To Completely Revamp Your Business To A Paperless One (1)

In this day and age, where virtually everything is digital, where your business isn’t relevant without an online presence, it should come as no surprise that now there is a new trend. If you stay current to the news, following different giant companies such as Google, Yahoo, EBay, The Bank of America, you’ll notice that they are all trying their best to be more eco friendly.

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Best Apps for the Office

Today is a huge day in your company, you’re about to have a meeting with one of the biggest clients that you guys have just snagged, this client practically runs 30% of the entire business, for that meeting seated with executives and the CEO, virtually everyone who’s anyone, you’re asked to put in a few words, make a short presentation if you will. The whole room is silent as you smile at the client, then reach for your tablet- I bet you thought he was going to reach for the huge file next to him.

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If not for the Environment, then for You

When I talk and talk, and talk about saving the planet, going paperless, implementing methods of making your office and home paperless I sometimes feel like I’m talking to a brick wall. I’m not saying that you’re a brick wall, its more like, I feel no one cares what I say and the thought is quite discouraging really but I’m going to talk some more.

Spreading the Word (2)

Telling people about your cause creates a ripple effect. Sometimes they wont listen but other times you will meet someone who can truly make a difference. Take for instance, people like Kenneth E Hagen, if no one had evangelised to him he wouldn’t have been able to reach the millions of people that he did with the word of God. Ravi Zacharias was reached by a single man in India, a foreigner who thought nothing much of creating a great philosopher, speaker and minister, but just reaching out to a young kid, and yet he is one of the most influential Christians in our world today.

Spreading the Word (1)

If I could shout it from the roof tops- without getting arrested- I would. Save the planet! Go paperless! I don’t know how many blogs, articles I’ve written to this effect. I’m beginning to feel like a broken record. My feet hurt from standing on the soapbox for too long. I’ve told you to do everything, from recycling to cycling, using SignTech, going paperless, reusing items, saving electricity, but ONE thing I don’t think I’ve really said, is that aside all of this, we have to spread our knowledge. And I mean spread it like wildfire.