bacon in a frying pan

Dulse, The Bacon of the Sea

I’ve always looked at vegetarians with a side eye of some sorts. It is just so strange that I have to ask myself, where do they get the willpower? It goes against every food-related thing I believe in. How can I live without knowing the taste of chicken? Or a delicious peppered steak cooked to medium perfection and my all time favourite… bacon.

hand in water

Saving Energy in Your Home (Water)

We love the fact that offices are going paperless and finding paperless solutions to a lot of problems but if the home is not energy efficient then what we’re doing becomes quite unnecessary. So here are some more ways to save energy around your house.


barren field with dead plants

Climate Change

Today as I write to you on this humble paperless blog, our world is changing. Many disregard how dire it really is because they think (and I was guilty of thinking like this too) that the world will really go to crap only after they’re dead. Well I hate to burst your bubble but that’s not true.

a ladybug on a white background

Paperless Simplified

Paperless business forms seems like an intimidating term doesn’t it? Paperless business forms and the word ‘simple’ don’t really go hand in hand. Is natural to be sceptical when someone explains the straightforwardness of using something called SignTech paperless solutions.

light bulbs

Saving Energy in Your Home (Electricity)

They say charity starts from the home… despite my undeniable large amount of intelligence I never really understood what that meant until a short while ago. The reason was probably because the statement can be quite literal and also have deep philosophical meaning to it as well.