The Case of the Missing Lake…s

As many should know, change is inevitable, and when it happens it can go both ways; the good change or the bad change. Our climate is fast changing, and well people, its not the good kind. We talk about things like paperless forms and paper free solutions not because we are just looking to sell you something but we’re trying to prepare for the future. Trees are fast “disappearing” but there is hope for them. Trees can be planted. What about lakes? Lakes are fast evaporating and its looks like there is no hope for them. Can they be, oh I don’t know, refilled?

Global Warming; Are You a Believer?

Its surprising that with such progression in climate change I still encounter people that think of global warming as some sort of… agenda propagated by the media to control us and sell products that cost more that average.

Look, I will be the first to admit that I’m all about conspiracy theories, I think they’re absolutely fascinating and sometimes there is some element of truth behind their logic. Studying and looking into conspiracies theories is one of my favourite pastimes but I know where to draw the line.

Meet the Team

If you’re anything like me, you probably feel uncomfortable working with certain companies for certain reasons, one of which is; it feels like there are no human beings behind the logo.

Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries

I’ve been talking about the earth and our eco system for a while, pointing out obvious solutions to problems that cause harm to our planet. Paperless forms for preventing excessive use of paper, recycling and reusing items to save money and natural resources, walking, cycling and public transportation to reduce carbon emission into the atmosphere. All these simple steps, if followed, could be the difference between utter destruction of the planet or a brighter future for our earth.

Being Energy Efficient this World Cup

This is the last few days of the world cup, and for the final days countless preparations are being made, not just for the stadium which has been sold out for a while but for TV stations, internet radio programs, shows, the paperless solutions company, and your house, you’re probably going to invite your friends over to watch the final match on Sunday. You might have some food, refreshments, and games to play during half time, paints for the face, shirts and other items that show which team you support.