Become a Friend of the Environment

SignTech is a special company, and not because we sell you business forms or paperless solutions but because we do more than push out a few services. At SignTech we make sure that whatever we do, does good to the environment. When it comes to paper, I believe that the world is more than a few steps behind. A bunch of smart people got together and they predicted that due to the many advancements in technology the demand for paper would reduce. Boy were they wrong. Not only did the demand for paper not reduce, but it is expected to double by the year 2030.

a loaf of wheat bread

Get a Loaf of This

Bread. My old Nemesis... and friend. I have a love-hate relationship with bread. It’s one of those foods that I really wish I could stop eating forever. Yes, forever. I just feel like perhaps my fitness dreams could be achieved if I could just drop this calorie-packed-yet-oh-so-good carb. It is separating me from my ‘rock-hard abs’ destiny, or at least I like to tell myself that. Anyways, I digress.

Could Small Ponds be Accelerating Gobal Warming?

Rising temperatures could accelerate climate change by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide stored in ponds and increasing the methane they release, new research shows.

steak on a plate

Climate Change Makes for Tougher Meat

Dear reader, if you have paid any attention at all to my blog posts, you will realize that the world is changing, as we know it. In fact, you may have gotten tired of hearing about climate change, the effects of Global warming and why we need to go paperless, but, alas, that will not stop me because it’s something that continually needs to be addressed. I might not be able to single handedly annihilate global warming, but this is my ever so humble contribution towards the cause. So, I hope you aren’t tire of me yet as I will never tire of writing to you. Anyways, I digress.

melting ice in the artic

Can We Re-Freeze the Artic?

I’m not much of a Scientist. In fact, I am not one at all. I am a paperless writer & blogger. In high school, I was not keen on chemistry or Physics or Mathematics, because my grades weren’t all that great. I just found them so mentally tedious and uninspiring. Let’s just say, applied Science isn’t really my thing. However, I love seeing what science can accomplish. From medical breakthroughs to technological innovations designed to save energy, science has brought a lot of good to our world.