With the emergence of new technology as well as the fast-paced rate of change seen in the IT industry there are now many ways in which organisations can successfully stop using paper, in particular when it comes to forms.

This course provides a tried and tested framework that makes it easy to identify opportunities to convert existing paper-based forms and processes into fully integrated paperless forms. This allows organisations to save significant amounts of money as well as providing an enhanced user experience for their customers, staff and end users in general.

SignTech’s digital form builder and e-signature technology enables true paperless business solutions to be built using paperless business forms with an e-signature to replace your old paper-based forms.

Now available on all major mobile platforms, Signtech’s paperless business solutions and touch screen e-signature technology can go with you and make paperless business forms available anywhere, anytime.

As a species, we often tend to think that when major new innovations, such as paperless forms and digital signatures, come along, previous products, technologies and practices will be superseded by them. Sometimes they are but, more often than not, the new development simply causes a change to take place, change that ultimately benefits us all.

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