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Our Mission

Our key aim is to help companies make that transition to paperless digital business processes. Since we started this great adventure we have helped many organisations convert from paper to digital and at the same helped achieve up to 80% cost savings.
Whilst there has been a significant shift to paperless and digital processes over the years there remain a lot of organisations that continue to use manual paper based business processes. We looked into the reasons for this and found that companies were reluctant to switch over to paperless processes and practices for three main reasons – Cost, Complexity and Time (to make the change).

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Our Vision

We have successfully removed the pain of cost, complexity and reduced the time it takes to switch over to digital business processes. With the help of our partners and client we have come a long way, yet recognise we have an even longer journey ahead of us – and we shall enjoy every step of the way.

Most importantly we are proud to be able to contribute by making the world brigther and greener for future generations.

Company Leaders

Headsjot of Leke Babalola -CEO of SignTech Forms

Leke Babalola CEO

Headshot of Jerome Daggoneau SignTech Forms CTO

Jerome Daggoneau CTO

Sales Director for SignTech forms

Cassie King, Interim Sales Director

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