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More of the Amazing AppsWorld Convention

We didn’t have much time to be exhausted since in the morning of the second day, another group of people arrived at our booth. We quickly revived ourselves with a strong espresso and continued where we left off the day before. Throughout the day, we had the pleasure of meeting several investors who stopped by the SignTech booth and provided us with valuable feedback.


Participation in a TV Interview with AppsWorld

In the middle of the day, our team was given the opportunity to participate in a TV interview with the media consultant of the AppsWorld organizers. We were thrilled and quickly rearranged our booth to accommodate the “improvised” studio that had been set up.

During the exhibition, we received some critique and questions from our audience, which we took note of and addressed going forward. One important point we needed to clarify was the difference between DocuSign and SignTech.

To sum it all up, San Francisco is an incredible place that left a lasting impression on us. The exhibition gave us a tremendous boost of enthusiasm for the future, and we were fortunate to make valuable connections along the way. Thank you, San Francisco!

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