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The article was originally posted on 16th April 2014

Brazil World Cup: 10 Weeks to Go

While working at SignTech, a paperless document company, I came across news articles about Brazil and the upcoming World Cup. With less than 10 weeks to go, there are concerns about the readiness of the country to host the event. From raids on slums to protests and unfinished stadiums, it seems unlikely that the World Cup will go smoothly.

Brazilian Soldiers “Clearing” Slums in Rio De Janeiro

Over 2000 soldiers have raided a slum in Rio de Janeiro in an attempt to improve safety for the World Cup. The occupation of Mare Shantytown, known as one of Rio’s most dangerous slums, is expected to last until the end of the tournament.

FIFA Admits that Brazil is not Prepared for the World Cup

The head of FIFA has openly admitted that Brazil is not ready for the World Cup. Two stadiums, the Itaquerão in São Paulo and the Estadio Beira Rio in Porto Alegre, remain unfinished. Construction at the Itaquerão has been delayed due to three deaths on the site. This is unfortunate as the stadium is supposed to host the opening match between Brazil and Croatia on June 12.


Brazilians Protest the World Cup

Protests and organizations are taking advantage of the attention on Brazil to raise awareness about serious issues. One example is a campaign against violence towards women, sparked by a government survey that suggested 65% of respondents believed women showing too much of their bodies deserved to be attacked. The campaign gained significant attention and the journalist behind it became a national sensation.


Child prostitution is also a concern in Brazil, and the government is struggling to crack down on it before the World Cup. They have started distributing kits with information on how to report child abuse and have launched a campaign encouraging prostitutes to use condoms.


Considering these events, it is uncertain if Brazil will be ready for the World Cup in June. However, I hope that they can overcome these challenges and prove me wrong.


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