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Return of the Game of Thrones

Article originally posted 25th March 2014

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the world of digital signatures and explore the countless benefits they offer. On the sixth of April, however, we take a momentary break from our paperless endeavors to indulge in the excitement of Game of Thrones. This highly acclaimed show has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, but be warned, it is intended for mature audiences due to its graphic content.

The Game of Thrones Season Trailer was Amazing!

As devoted fans eagerly await the return of the show, the newly released and final trailer has provided a glimpse into the thrilling events to come. From new love interests to brewing wars and conquered cities, the upcoming season promises to be filled with intrigue and unexpected twists. Even characters who may have seemed insignificant in the earlier seasons are now taking on vital roles in the show’s intricate storyline.

At SignTech, we are not only passionate about helping businesses go paperless, but we also know how to have fun. Game of Thrones has been a source of excitement for us, and we can’t wait to see what unfolds in the upcoming season.

So, do you watch Game of Thrones? Who are your favourite characters?

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