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The All Progressives Party Wins the Nigerian Elections 2015

New things are shiny, new things are exciting and new things for me, always means new opportunities. Just a few days ago Nigeria in its own way became “new”. New in the sense that she has a new leader. Yes, that’s right. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the first time ever- the ruling political party has lost the election. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lost to the All Progressives Congress (APC). Never has a sit-in president lost an election before.

SignTech and it’s Relationship with Nigeria

Nigeria is an amazing country; we at SignTech Forms recognize this because we choose to invest our time and money by doing business with small to medium sized companies in the country, helping them to go paperless. We like to explore different, and unusual opportunities to better your business and ours.

On a personal level I believe that going paperless isn’t just for the countries that are thriving but also for countries that don’t really have an advanced system of recycling, conserving or even going paperless. If you’ve been to Nigeria you would know that you would probably not walk past a recycling bin… because there aren’t any! But I digress.

Nigeria is a Beautiful Country

Nigeria is an amazing country, the people are great, resilient if I do say so myself, the weather is almost always sunny which I consider awesome, the country is always bustling with life and activity and I believe that the only thing this incredible country lacks is good leadership. Its no news that Nigeria has a stigma of corruption and thievery attached to her name. In a country of over 160 million people the few bad ones have made the entire country look bad, and not just the average citizens but the politicians too. Stealing money is commonplace in the country, missing funds or funds allocated for the oddest of purposes. Despite being the fifth largest producer of oil in the world the country itself goes through fuel scarcity sometimes. Nigeria’s money goes deep into the pockets of the corrupt and powerful and because of this Nigeria hasn’t really had the chance to move forward, really move forward.

Nigeria: a Developing Country with so Much Potential

I consider this country amazing because despite all of this, the lack of electricity, lack of proper minimum waged jobs, bad public educational system the people are still smiling, laughing about their conditions and the country amazingly is thriving, people live, people are happy, people see new opportunities every single day and they grab them, some of the richest people in Africa are Nigerian which is a testament to their determination to succeed despite adverse circumstances. The culture is vibrant and colourful; the language is so diverse that in a group of seven you would most likely find four different languages.

I believe that if Nigeria can be “good” under adverse circumstances new, better leadership will undoubtedly change everything.

General Muhammad Buhari is a symbol of hope and change, progress. He’s not an angel sent down from heaven but he is someone that people feel they can trust to rule the country and in the elections proved it by handing over Nigeria into the hands of a new political party. We at SignTech forms wish Nigeria all the best and are looking forward to seeing great new changes in the country’s future.


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