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Remembering the Life and Death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today I wanted to honour Dr Martin Luther King, for his life’s work and his sad death. It’s not often that I blog about things like this as it is a far cry from paperless solutions and talks about how to go paperless in business but once in a while it has to be done. In the past few years we at SignTech have seen so many things that assure us of the bright future we think humanity has ahead, but them sometimes we also see things that make us question how much progress are we really making?

The Day a Civil Rights Legend was Assassinated 

In the 60’s in America specifically 1968 Dr Martin Luther king Jr. a legend, an inspiration to his time and ours was assassinated. Nearly all of America went into rioting; in fact it was so bad that military interference became necessary.

In Indianapolis Robert F. Kennedy, then the senator of New York gave a speech to the people of Indianapolis one that I have to say might have been what prevented the riots during what is now known as the king assassination riots or Holy Week Uprising.

Martin Luther King was not the Only Victim of the Attack

Freddie Grey, I’m sure you’ve heard by now is yet another police victim who sadly died of a severe spinal cord injury after being in a coma for a while. Most believe that it was due to some brutality on the part of the police during the course of his arrest. This belief has been adopted by the many in Baltimore and now officials have declared a state of emergency.

The riots began because of the death of Freddie grey and have escalated to highly violent levels.

I will not dwell on this but rather I want to focus on the events afterwards, the riots, the broken glass, fires, tearing down of city structures and the loss of lives just as valuable as the ones they rioting for. A reported dozens were killed and thousands were injured in just two days. TWO DAYS! Riots have never, don’t ever and will never solve anything. If anything while rioting the death of a person many more get killed. Each life is as important as the one before it. So we at SignTech today want to take the time to remember the people the regular people, the great ones that dies for a great cause, the regular protesters caught in the cross fire, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and Many more that have died for things people shouldn’t have to die for.



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