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SignTech Paperless Forms is Moving on Up in the Ranks

I don’t throw around big names enough. I feel like I don’t have to do things like that because our product is simple, real, effective and it doesn’t need any hocus pocus added to it. That being said, SignTech Paperless forms have entered a very important competition. We were voted for by all of you and shortlisted for the pitch to rich competition. Thanks to everyone SignTech paperless forms is moving on up in the ranks.

Now we are no strangers to competition: Elance named us as one of the top five big ideas in the UK, in addition to this we were praised by the CEO of Santander Bank, and some of our clients include Barclays Bank.

SignTech Wants Offices to go Paperless

SignTech Forms is more than just an app. It is a paperless vision, and ultimately it is an end goal. We don’t just want the offices to go paperless; we want everywhere to be paperless. That means eliminating the use of it altogether. We have created a paperless conversion process and system that allows forms to instantly be made paperless and useable on mobile devices. Our vision is that of a world where paper forms are a thing of the past. But I want to take it a step further and say that my vision is of a world where paper is a thing of the past. Cinema tickets, forms, receipts, books, notepads, every single thing that requires the use of paper (except maybe money) we wont need paper for anything anymore. It’s from there that the planet will begin to heal. All the years of damage, deforestation, erosion, killing of species, drying up of lakes, air pollution, smog that caused immeasurable damage that cost our planet so much can begin to be made right.


This can only be done if many people know about what SignTech is and what we do. Sadly, we don’t have the following we would like yet and neither do we have the response that is necessary to effect change. Yes we have Barclays bank on our side, clients in West Africa but we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface and we are a long, long way from the goal. SignTech forms needs the boost that winning this competition would give us. Reaching greater numbers and ultimately being a part of changing the world- right now we’re just a start up company. Just a few years old but I can already see the end goal… the end goal is us being the beginning of the change that we want to see in the world. We need this and you need this too.


SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on mobile devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration).  For more information visit or email

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