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SignTech Wins Best Business Tech Award from BizTech BrightSparc Awards

Ah this is the moment, in every single movie, every single award show and every single competition where we wait with baited breath. Who won? Was it the team we were rooting for or was it the “bad guys”? Well I have good news; no I have great- amazing news!

Guess what company makes the best innovative use of technology for business- so much so that they’re basically a BrightSparc -did I drop enough hints? SignTech paperless solutions!

The Best Innovative Use of Technology for Business

SignTech is the company that has been selected for the BizTech BrightSparc awards in Milton Keynes for the best innovative use of technology for business. So in short- we won!

This is really an exciting time for our company and a great time for paperless business solutions as people are beginning to realise the real importance of going paperless in businesses (and in the home I might add). I cannot stress enough how much this means for us and hopefully you, and although we’ve only been active for just a short while this is a real starting point for us building a name for ourselves in the business world.

Getting the Recognition That SignTech Deserves for Helping Businesses with eSignature and Paperless Solutions

In my last article I stressed how disheartening it was that we weren’t getting the recognition that I felt SignTech paperless solutions deserved. This is the first step to getting that sort of acknowledgment that I know we are supposed o have as a company. We help the environment, the environment helps your business and by letting us support you by adapting our paperless solutions as part of your technology you’re helping the environment, saving trees from being cut down. Getting recognition is great but I have my reasons for wanting it. Our company becoming well known is almost the equivalent of the eco propaganda being well known. SignTech and the message of preserving the eco system go hand in hand and we want to take this message as far as we possibly can till our legs are weak and tired, our voices so hoarse we can barely croak “go green”.

So far we have many companies using our paperless solutions as part of their day to day work but now as SignTech, winner of the BizTech BrightSparc awards for the best innovative use of technology for business we can reach even more.


SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on mobile devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration).  For more information visit or email

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