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Climate Change is Changing for the Worse

Today as I write to you on this humble paperless blog, our world is changing. Many disregard how dire it really is because they think (and I was guilty of thinking like this too) that the world will really go to crap only after they’re dead. Well I hate to burst your bubble but that’s not true.

According to studies done the sea level is set to rise as high as 10 feet within the next fifty years… will I be dead by then? Will you be dead by then? Maybe, but then again maybe not. We’ll most likely still be alive. The world is changing right now, global temperatures are on a dangerous rise and we’re sitting right in the middle of it.

In different parts of the world we’re experiencing climate change in different ways, species are dying off, rainfall is decreased in some areas while in others it just too unpredictable, there is drought in so many countries, and sea life is suffering a lot too. Dead fishes, extremely salty lakes, many have been reduced by up to half of their volume and its reported that even birds are dying of thirst in California due to climate change.

Rising temperatures in Canada are allowing them to grow things like peaches and grapes and even some citrus fruits…. Canada for crying out loud!

Even from this little information alone you know that climate change is a real and serious problem we’re facing today and there’s only so much that a paperless forms company can do.

Nasa Climatologist Makes String Statement About Climate Change

James Hansen, former NASA chief climatologist states that the previous studies we’ve been going on may have it all wrong and the situation is much, much worse than we thought

He and a group of sixteen other co-authors in their research:

“analysed how an influx of cold freshwater from the planet’s melting ice sheets will disrupt the ocean’s circulation … They concluded the influx of freshwater from melting ice sheets in modern times would essentially shut down the ocean’s circulation, causing cool water to stay in the Earth’s polar regions and equatorial water to warm up even faster”

Excerpt from


It seems scary doesn’t it? To know that doom is not so far away. Climate change isn’t something to be ignored but something to be tackled and dealt with and not everything should be left in the hands of the government and powerful individuals but ordinary citizens also need to take measures to prevent the total wasting away of our planet and the wildlife in it before its too late.


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