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Going Paperless and the Benefits to The Environment

Over the last couple of years I’ve been working for SignTech paperless forms, the company has grown; we have so many clients using our paperless forms and yet, the planet doesn’t really look much better than it did two years ago… in fact- maybe its worse. Realistically I didn’t expect to see much change or if any at all even in my lifetime but it was disappointing all the same to see SignTech, so little a company making an even littler difference. To say that I am sufficiently disillusioned would be sort of accurate in a small way.

SignTech Paperless Office is Doing it’s Best to Help Businesses go Digital

SignTech as a company isn’t at fault. We’ve done everything possible a company our size can possibly do for the planet. We have saved thousands of trees from being cut down and yes that is a small percentage of the millions and millions out there but we have done something. Despite knowing that the world is immensely huge and thinking to myself- ourselves “what could a small paperless company possibly do?” we still did our part and the clients that took us on, they did a little too.

Of course it wouldn’t be fair for me to stand on my soapbox accusing you of negative thinking like this when I struggle with the exact same thing every single day but there is a way that this can be over come.

Even Individuals can Make a Big Different by Going Paperless

The logic I counter every day as an individual is “I’m just one person, what can I possibly do?” when I forget to turn off the lights, I just tell myself that its just one light. Or if I leave the tap running I quickly reason, ‘well what difference does it make?’. To an extent I am right. I am just one person and in the grand design I am very negligible. Human beings will be replaced by other human beings- the earth will keep spinning with or without me. What I do doesn’t really make a difference. All of this would make perfect sense if I were the only one but did you know that billions of other people are thinking the same way you are? There are over seven billion people living on the planet and over half of them think this way. Take for instance the amount of carbons in the air. Before the industrial revolution natural parts of carbon dioxide were about 275parts per million and now it’s a whopping 400 parts per million and that’s all on us.

We cannot sit back and think ‘all hope is lost’ because just like the little damage we do that amounts to massive amounts of negative effects on the planet- the little difference that we make in the world will amount to massive amounts of positive effects on the planet. So the little difference that SignTech is making all alone seems so insignificant but its still a difference.


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