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Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas that will add a Spark 

And no I don’t mean the ‘ho, ho, ho’ jolly Christmas time. We just concluded that a few weeks back. ‘Tis the other season- the time of the year for love letters, endearing presents to that special someone, and romantic lit dinners. Yes the season that everyone seems to be humming and dancing to the rhythm of love. You guessed it. It’s Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and couples are going back and forth trying to figure out cute and innovative ways to impress their partners. Admittedly, it’s easy to get so enamored into finding the shiniest, most ‘out-there’ gifts for them. BUT. Let’s  stop for a moment and think! Do we want to get them a gift that, granted, they might like, but is harmful to the environment. I trust you guys, so I think not. We should make a conscious effort to ensure that our actions, as innocent as they might seem, do not have negative lasting effects on the earth too.


At the end of the, frankly, I think it would be totally adorable if our presents were synonymous with “I love you enough to take care of the planet you inhabit”. Now, now, doesn’t that sound utterly romantic. *I blush.

Don’t worry guys your friendly neighborhood, paperless blogger knows just the right gifts that would captivate the heart of your partner, and make for a romantic ecofriendly Valentine. Trust me, it’s a win win.

  1. Organic flowers

Skip those roses. It’s getting somewhat cliché anyway. Wouldn’t you want to gift your partner with something more lasting to signify your undying love, instead of a rose that couldn’t even last for up to week? Go for potted flowering plants in organic or local grocers. Some flowering plants, like lilies and orchids, are also great air purifiers — another big eco-friendly bonus.


  1. Eco-friendly Jewelry

That diamond necklace or earrings you might be thinking of getting your loved one isn’t very ecofriendly. There are now many stores(both online and around England) for handmade ecofriendly jewelry made from recycled materials. And people, I promise you, you can find really beautiful ones that will make him/her swoon. I give you my word. Has my humble self ever lied to you?


Romantic Home Cooked Meal

When you’re a foodie like myself, you would know that few things symbolize love more than a delicious meal.Moreover, when it’s a homemade meals that is created with love from that special someone, then, score!!! Yes, guys and girls, a home cooked dinner with nice candles and a romantic atmosphere is a winner, all the time. It shows an effort on your part, and that can never be replaced by takeaways or order-ins. An added bonus is that you decide what goes into the food- yes it can be an organic bliss.


Make Your Own Bath Products

Who doesn’t love a nice long bath after a stressful day? No, really. Give me a name of a human being who doesn’t? They’re sensual, invigorating and thoroughly refreshing. So, just imagine your partners delight if you actually make bath products for them. There are tons of recipes online for bath salts, sugar scrubs and bath oils available on the internet and most of them use natural ingredients. They would love you for it; and don’t worry, you do not have to tell them that Signtech forms taught you this trick. It would be our little secret. *wink wink*


Chocolates.. organic chocolates

I know, you thought that I would write this whole list without mentioning chocolate- the symbol of sweet sweet love. Well, fortunately, for you, you don’t necessarily have to eliminate this treat. There are many options for organic chocolate that are delicious, and healthy too. So, yes. Yes you can indulge.


These ecofriendly Valentine ideas are perfect to impress your special Valentine, while simultaneously protecting the planet. You are welcome!

Signtech paperless solutions has got your back.


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