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Barack Obama Sings at Charleston Church (Watch Video)

Anyone who loves music, especially classically alternative bands like the national also most likely loves or at least likes a little bit the world renowned band Coldplay. Well this person here does (me, I mean me)! You must know that they have released their seventh studio album and I have to say it’s a hit. There are songs with beyonce and with not as world famous artists like Tove Lo. But why am I, a paperless advocate writing about coldplay’s studio album? Is that what going paperless has become about? Nope!

While listening to the new Coldplay album: A Head Full of Dreams, I heard a deep velvet baritone giving a speech pertaining to life and at the very end of the song I heard singing, words taken from the lines from the hymn “Amazing Grace”. Such a beautiful hymn and such a beautiful song and I recognized it! Barack Obama’s speech at Charleston Church after the tragic shooting.

Obama Singing “Amazing Grace”

The song… not only was it amazing on its own but it held such significance especially considering the events of this year. With police brutality in America and the death of many innocent people to mindless violence, hearing the speech from Obama in that song brought back the memories of the circumstances surrounding that speech and with it came an appreciation for life and its beauty, a sadness for the people that will not get to see the year 2016, and the families that have lost loved ones to meaningless violence.

Hopefully the year of 2016 will be one filled with more positivity than ever and something that we can look back on with smiles rather than tears.

We at SignTech give our condolences to the families and individuals affected and we hope that you take a tiny, bit of solace in the fact that your loss will never be forgotten by any of us.


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