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James Boyle Leaves the James Bond Franchise

I think that we can all agree that ever since the conception of the James Bond Franchise, little else have topped captured our attention so rapturously for such a long time (maybe Star Wars is a not-so-close second). In the world of paperless forms, hardly anything is every as consistent as the use and existence of paper yet from 1962 till date, James bond has been very much alive regardless of what generation watches it. Granted there are many changes that are made over time to fit the current creative climate and to be relatable with the present generation, but James Bond is an undeniable classic.

Danny Boyle has Decided to no Longer Direct Bond 25

Bond 25 is the latest part of the James Bond series, also presumed to be Daniel Craig’s last bond movie. Danny Boyle mentioned that he had his sights set on the new bond movie earlier this year in march, which got us excited. I figured if Bond 25 is as good as his other movies then we had nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, yesterday the official Bond twitter account released this statement “Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig today announced that due to creative differences Danny Boyle has decided to no longer direct Bond 25”

This raises many eyebrows as well as questions. What does this mean for the new bond movie? Will the release date be pushed further than the promised November 2019? What sort of creative differences did Oscar winning director Danny Boyle have that pushed him to leave such a big project?

There are some things that we might never find out but one thing is for certain- this is a loss for the Bond Franchise because time and time again Danny Boyle has proven himself to be an exceptional director, from the movie 127 hours with James Franco and the iconic film- Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle clearly has what it takes to over the production of the new bond movie.

That being said- remember when paperless business forms replaced paper? It is the sort of situation where this could be exactly what the franchise needs- a fresh new start- there are numerous talented directors out there and we are eager to see who the next pick is to direct this new movie, there are even rumours swirling about who could be the next bond too after this. Time will tell but we are very excited.


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