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Hurricane Irma Has Taken to its Own Path of Destruction

Just a short while ago we were shook by the destruction of hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas, and now, barely a minute later, hurricane Irma has taken to its own path of destruction, from the Caribbean islands of Cuba and Barbuda to the coast of Florida. With all the support and press that Florida has been getting, you might just forget that the Caribbean felt the worst of it and although the Caribbean is no stranger to hurricanes, something of this magnitude is like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Excerpt from CNN “To some residents, Hurricane Irma — and the destruction it has caused — is like nothing they’ve ever seen before.


Largest Atlantic Basin Hurricane Ever Recorded

The Category 5 storm, the largest Atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded, left catastrophic damage to the islands in its path. Homes have been destroyed. Neighbourhoods have been flooded. Many places are still without power, and there have been reports of food and fuel shortages.

Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, described it last week as “total devastation.” The recovery process has begun, but with a hurricane of this magnitude, it’s going to take time.”

Want to donate but don’t know where to go? Vox has put together a helpful list of charities that are focused on helping the hurricane victims and has even rated them too according to charity navigator.

But before giving your money to help any charity don’t forget some key points:

  • Groups with strong ties to their communities are a lot of times the best option. They are focused on helping people in the best way that anyone could because they know exactly what the people need.


  • Do research before giving to any organization. Not all funds are allocated properly by charities unfortunately, and you have to make sure that they are doing exactly what they said they would with the money. You can use charity navigator as a starting point for your research


  • Money is not the only thing that helps; you could use this opportunity to recycle old clothes and shoes to help people in need, with charities like Soles4Souls and Oxfam, you don’t need to give money only you can give clothes, blankets, shoes and anything else you are not wearing.



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