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Interesting facts about mice

SignTech paperless forms is a company that prides itself in being at the forefront of technology for businesses, a consequence of this is that were always intrigued when new ground in broken in any industry that pushes the boundaries of what is possible especially in the Tech industry.

One of our most fascinating discoveries this week most certainly has to be the work of a multidisciplinary group of scientists led by Xue and Jin Bao. An extract from the summary of their project states:

“Mammals cannot see light over 700 nm in wavelength. This limitation is due to the physical thermodynamic properties of the photon-detecting opsins. However, the detection of naturally invisible near-infrared (NIR) light is a desirable ability. To break this limitation, we developed ocular injectable photoreceptor-binding upconversion nanoparticles (pbUCNPs). These nanoparticles anchored on retinal photoreceptors as miniature NIR light transducers to create NIR light image vision with negligible side effects. Based on single-photoreceptor recordings, electroretinograms, cortical recordings, and visual behavioral tests, we demonstrated that mice with these nanoantennae could not only perceive NIR light, but also see NIR light patterns.”

From the cell

In regular terms: the scientists decided to develop technology that works in harmony with the eye so that they could have the ability to see infrared rays. However, there were a few side effects like cloudy corneas but those cleared up in less than a week. The scientists hope that their technology could potentially work for people with colour vision deficits and also just extending out natural vision. This could be great for things such as construction work, rescue operations for emergency services. This could help humanity in ways that we might not have even thought to think of. Right now, it’s still in the early stages but we’re excited to see such advances in biotechnology which could have real world applications in the not too distant future.


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