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Reasons to to Recycle

Paperless, paper-free… Recycling. Just one of the many words that’s always tossed around in the ’Eco-Friendly’ community. “You’ve just got to recycle” they say. “Don’t waste, recycle”. However, many people don’t even know the point to this. So I throw my paper, plastic and glass in separate recycling bins, and then what? What does the earth have to gain? I’ll answer these questions by sharing some of the many reasons why we need to recycle.

1. Recycling saves energy :

Paperless solutions are the future, but what about things that cannot be helped? Like cereal boxes and water? Why waste energy creating something new from raw materials when you can use much less energy with recycled materials? Statistics according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency show that recycling one ton of paper saves up about 17 trees as well as 17,000 gallons of water. Water, that in this age of global warming and uncertainity, we definitely need.

2. Recycling reduces landfills:

Landfills are places where our garbage and refuse go to be buried. You might have seen one around you with heaps and heaps of rubbish piled up. It is unsightly, and can lead to air and water pollution and endanger the wildlife around it from fishes to birds. Recycling reduces the need for more landfills altogether, which leads to less pollution.

3. Recycling preserves our resources and protects wildlife.  

I already mentioned how many trees are saved by recycling just one ton of paper. So imagine tons and tons. This means that millions of trees will be saved, which means resources conserved. Furthermore, these trees serve as a habitat for many wildlife, and they need them for protection. Saving these trees means saving the animals that depend on them as well.

4. Recycling helps our climate problems

Paperless solutions are the best thing for this earth, from note taking apps to paperless forms you can sign, but recycling is the next best thing. It’s more ecofriendly definitely. It produces considerably less carbon, which means that the amount of greenhouse gas emissions will also considerably reduce. This is so because if these wastes were not recycled, they would end up being combusted and emit dangerous greenhouse gasses. Research studies suggest that a single tree can get rid of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year


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