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Get the Most out of Your iPhone With These 5 Top Tips

Technology has proven time and time again to be an integral part of our growth as human beings- influencing everything from our diet, to our infrastructure, our economy and even our climate. How we interact with the world is determined by technology.

The everyday object of the iPhone is now seen as so common that when we talk about new tech and advanced technology it doesn’t necessarily come to mind. After all we know everything there is to know about using our iPhone that it doesn’t feel like new technology anymore. Right?

Here are some tricks taken from the tech hacker and buzzfeed you probably didn’t know your phone could do


1. Create Keyboard Shortcuts

Texting and messaging had became a necessity among the smartphone users. The daily usage of the texts became a long task through the social medias and messaging apps. If you own an iPhone, you will be able to create some shortcuts for the words that used more often. You could also set specific shortcuts for the emoji’s. To do this, head up to the settings of your device. Tap on the keyboard option. Now, tap on the shortcuts. There you can set the shortcuts for the words which used more often. Once you pressed the shortcut, the desired word will automatically entered.



2. Alert with LED Flash

How it would be, if the LED lights notify you when you receive some calls or messages? You can do that with your apple device. To do this, head up to the settings. Go to General Settings, then further tap on Accessibility. Scroll down until you see an option “LED Flash for Alerts” and turn it on. Now, you will be notified by the LED lights once you receive calls or messages. A good feature which can help you to notify the alerts easily.



3. Charges Faster in the Airplane mode

iPhone is extremely good in the industry for its battery capacity. But, there may be some situations where you need to charge your device very fast. The AirPlane mode can help you to do so. The AirPlane mode disables all communications like Network access, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc… and reduces the device load considerably. So, the battery consumption of the phone will be reduced drastically thus providing a faster charge. The AirPlane mode disables all communications including you call and messages. So, use this feature only when you don’t need them.


4. Pause, play, rewind, fast-forward, and skip songs using just your wired earbuds.

You probably already use the volume buttons on your Apple headphones, but did you know that the center of that little thingy is a button as well? When you’re playing music, you can pause or play by pressing the center button. To skip a song, press it twice quickly; to go back to a previous song, press it three times. To fast-forward, press twice and hold on the second press; to rewind, press three times and hold.


You can also activate Siri by pressing and holding the center button once, and you can take a photo by pressing the volume+ button while the Camera app is open.


5. Use your phone as a level to hang pictures.

When you’re in the Compass app, swipe left and your phone can be used as a level, which is great because you can never find your actual level when you’re trying to hang something.


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