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A Conversation About Not Going Eco-Friendly

I was having a discussion with a friend a little while back, and from talking about school and work, we moved onto the illuminati and then our “shared” hatred of hipsters. She said, “Their glasses and their style of dressing and all that eco-stuff they talk about is just annoying.” I couldn’t own up to being a hipster myself, with a weakness for nerd glasses and checked patterns, high-tops and converse with skinny jeans, and of course, a love for the planet.

When People That You Know, Do Not Believe in Being Eco Friendly

When she mentioned the “eco-stuff,” I quickly interjected that that is an honourable cause and pointed out that the company I work for doesn’t just support paperless solutions but also supports afforestation and the wildlife that lives in the habitats that we prevent from being cut down (can I get a high-five for paperless solutions? Yes!).


My Shock at Indifference to Global Warming 

It was then that she said something which astounded me greatly: “I don’t believe in global warming.”
My jaw dropped. The first question that came to mind was: how is that even possible? With the advancement in today’s technology and all the research and physical evidence that supports this fact, how can you NOT believe in global warming? The second question was: how is the theory of the illuminati more believable than the fact of global warming?

I found it odd that in this day and age, a youth below the age of 23 would even dare to think that global warming is a myth. Have you not watched National Geographic? Or Animal Planet?

We discussed this further, and I asked her how she used her electricity and water supply, and the answer I got was, “I’m paying for it, so I can use it however I want.” Water, materials, were of little consequence to her.

I felt like ripping my hair out.

I calmly explained that there are visible effects of global warming today, such as odd changes in weather, the melting of the ice caps, the extinction of many small species, the endangerment of polar bears, and the destruction of natural and man-built homes by tsunamis and earthquakes.

I explained that not just animals and plants are in danger, but us too. We depend on a balanced ecosystem for survival, and without that, if species are going extinct due to global warming and soil alkali levels are rising, making planting food undoable, we are at risk of a full-blown food crisis as well as water scarcity.

I brought up ideas to go paperless and shared the links for many tutorials on what to do with scrap paper.

The conversation was a little stilteda

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